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Assets, Issues, Compliance: We help you see in the dark.

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So, what are you waiting for?

By 2025, 70% of midsized companies will have been breached by a known vulnerability

Given the rapid ongoing growth of vulnerabilities, it has never been more paramount to take care of your IT infrastructure through an effective vulnerability management program. 

Without this, you could be at risk of the following:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Downtime risk
  • Failure to meet compliance regulations

How We Can Help?

Through the use of our market-leading vulnerability management system, we will qualify your company and walk you through setting up a free Nanitor agent on your systems. Our in-house experts will then take the wheel by quickly conducting a full and comprehensive audit of the entire IT infrastructure free of charge.

Our reports will showcase:

  • Your Cybersecurity Health Score
  • An Overview of All Known Vulnerabilities Across Your Systems and Devices
  • A Prioritized List of Remediation Actions

What is Nanitor?

Nanitor is a powerful vulnerability management solution focusing on hardening security fundamentals across your global IT infrastructure. The platform provides unique visibility and control of your security challenges that stakeholders can trust, at a fraction of the cost and time of alternatives.

What is Nanitor?

Why use the Nanitor platform?

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Sign up now to gain instant access to take a tour of the Nanitor system – an enterprise-grade continuous threat exposure management CTEM solution for SMB's. Inside, our intuitive platform stands ready to guide you through each step with inbuilt tool-tips.

Nanitor's CTEM platform health score dashboard

Our Interactive Nanitor Demo

Explore Nanitor's continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) Platform through our engaging interactive demo. Delve beyond conventional vulnerability management with advanced features like real-time threat detection, smart risk assessment, and customized security solutions. Embark on a transformative journey in cyber defense – start your immersive experience now.

Trusted by leading global companies

  • Booking.com
  • Omar Arab Bank
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Festi
  • Rarik
  • Valitor
  • Verkis
  • Anfold Software

What our customers say

Icelandic governmental institution

Icelandic governmental institution

"We managed to raise our Health Score from 65% to 92% within 6 months through several projects and great help from Nanitor. We celebrated by buying a cake and shared the news with all our staff. This was a great accomplishment and made us feel safer."
International MSSP

International MSSP

"Nanitor's impact has been staggering. While our seasoned experts left satisfied after thorough vulnerability scans, Nanitor surpassed their findings, uncovering vulnerabilities even the heavy hitters missed. Its scalability is nothing short of impressive — seamlessly integrating with every tool we use daily. This versatility adds immense value, solidifying Nanitor as the perfect fit for our cybersecurity needs."
Global SaaS Company

Global SaaS Company

"Nanitor not only assisted us in identifying and remedying internal IT issues but also became a tool we're considering for our future audits. We greatly appreciated their team's responsiveness and dedication to addressing our concerns. We're excited about the potential to further integrate the Cyber Essentials framework with Nanitor by year-end."
Global Software Company

Global Software Company

"Nanitor is a game-changer, combining intelligent automation for issue management with remarkable ease of use. This efficiency is a significant advantage, removing the need for manual data entry into ticketing systems for audits. Previously, we conducted quarterly scans and annual penetration testing, but with Nanitor, we’ve shifted to a more immediate, responsive approach. This enables us to address vulnerabilities as soon as they’re detected, ensuring our infrastructure remains secure and up-to-date at all times."

Nanitor solution components

At the core of the system are 3 fundamental security components (Security Configuration, Vulnerability Management, and Patch Monitoring), collecting accurate real-time information from all your systems, visualized and prioritized in the Nanitor Diamond™.


Businesses must be able to protect their operations and data and ensure compliance

Whether you are working within fintech, travel, utilities, banking, municipalities, or engineering consultancy, operations and data management are integral to your business. Data leakage and loss of data integrity can occur from devices that are configured incorrectly or from attackers exploiting vulnerabilities. Knowing where these weaknesses are and remediating them will protect the data your business is handling. Across some verticals, regulation requirements are also essential, especially when working or expanding into different markets. Effective monitoring, management, and remediation of vulnerabilities is paramount to running a business.

Background photo - Businesses must be able to protect their operations and data and ensure compliance

Did we mention it's free?

Simply sign up for your consultation meeting with one of cybersecurity technical specialists below, and we'll take care of the rest.

Key benefits

  • 01

    Holistic view of the infrastructure

    Nanitor provides an overview of all devices, software, users, configurations, known vulnerabilities, and missing security patches matched against PCI-DSS requirements. The outcome is a prioritized task list across your whole infrastructure that makes your remediation systematic and enjoyable.

  • 02

    Risk-based prioritization

    Make the most of your limited resources by prioritizing the highest-risk issues. Nanitor assesses the risk of discovered issues based on external sources and assigns a prioritization score based on the asset criticality.

  • 03

    Blast radius minimization

    Reduce the risk of lateral movement by hardening relevant configurations and known vulnerabilities. The best practice benchmarks for security configurations and known vulnerability databases are included in the platform.

  • 04

    Automatic monitoring

    Nanitor automatically (in 5-minute intervals) checks and reports on thousands of compliance-related security issues across your infrastructure. Trust is good, verification is better.

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