Visibility and Control in CyberSecurity

Nanitor is the only End-2-End vulnerability management and PII data discovery solution that automatically discovers, consolidates and prioritizes issues in a single view.

CyberSecurity Issue Consolidation

1 RISC based prioritization

  • Prioritized real-time overview of all CyberSecurity issues for the CISO.
  • Issues are prioritized using the Nanitor Dynamic RISC rating algorithm.
  • Focused, prioritized issue list ensures best use of your resources.
  • The Nanitor RISC platform bridges compliance requirements and security functions.

2 Intelligent compliance reporting

  • Support for multiple parallel compliance frameworks.
  • Compliance frameworks supported include: NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, CIS CSC.
  • Generates a comprehensive compliance report for your assets based on a defined scope.
  • Automatic onboarding of new compliance frameworks.

3 Vulnerability management

  • Smart Vulnerability and Remediation Management solution (VRM).
  • Security feeds from numerous reliable sources and regularly updated.
  • Included in prioritization and compliance reports.

4 Security checks

  • Technical policy management.
  • Hundreds of important security checks per platform with smart prioritization.
  • Known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are reported in real time.

5 Asset management

  • Assets are dynamically rated using the smart Nanitor RISC rating algorithm.
  • Smart grouping and prioritization of assets.
  • Real-time checking for known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

6 Supported platforms

  • Rich IT infrastructure coverage.
  • Nanitor RISC supports most commonly used assets, inc. desktops, servers, network devices, cloud environments and software applications.

RISC based prioritization

The Nanitor RISC platform enables Real-Time, Intelligent, Security Compliance. The platform checks your IT assets in real time for known vulnerabilities, missing security patches and misconfigurations.

Focused compliance reporting, risk management and prioritized issue tracking allows for timely remediation of CyberSecurity issues.

Customers and partners

Sovereign Secure

Sovereign Secure is a specialist cyber security firm, dedicated to protecting information, data and IT systems for business.


RARIK is a part of the critical national infrastructure in Iceland, as a leading electricity distribution grid operator.


VALITOR is a leading online and e-commerce payment solutions company, offering services in close partnership with Visa EU and MasterCard.


Verkís is the oldest consulting company in Iceland and has a background in the energy- and construction industry both in Iceland and abroad.


The Icelandic National Audit Office is an independent auditing and regulatory body operating under the auspices of the Icelandic Parliament, Althingi.

About us

Nanitor is a next generation CyberSecurity solution provider, operating out of picturesque Iceland. Nanitor is privately owned with seed backing from an Icelandic VC fund, Brunnur Ventures GP.

Brunnur Ventures GP

Nanitor ehf has been awarded a grant from the Technology Development Fund of The Icelandic Centre for Research.


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