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Security Components

Vulnerability Management

Stay up-to-date and aware of the known vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. Nanitor uses the latest information, including details from the NIST NVD (National Vulnerability Database), operating system vendors, respected vulnerability feeds as well as other industry sources. Nanitor is updated as required and searches for weaknesses in your infrastructure.

Known Vulnerabilites Inventory

Key benefits

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    Automatic discovery

    Nanitor continuously looks for known vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. Discovered vulnerabilities are automatically raised as security issues.

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    Prioritized view

    Focused remediation. Discovered vulnerabilities are automatically prioritized, taking into account details of published severity, network exposure and potential impact in case of an exploit.

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    Current state overview

    Using state of the art algorithms Nanitor makes sure that the vulnerability database is up to date. Our vulnerability feed includes details from a number of reputable sources, vendors and industry forums.

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    Detailed information

    Vulnerabilities are identified and detailed information provided about what was identified, where it is located and how it may be remediated.

Vulnerabilities are a path to your important and sensitive data

Attackers actively target IT infrastructures that are vulnerable to known exploits in order to breach them and access privileged information with malicious intent. Discovering and understanding what vulnerabilities exist in your environment supports your journey towards a better security posture.

The purpose of vulnerability management is to improve the security of your IT infrastructure by addressing known exploits and ensure ongoing compliance with your technical policy and regulatory requirements.

Background photo - Vulnerabilities are a path to your important and sensitive data

Automatically discover known vulnerabilties

The Nanitor lightweight, state-of-the-art vulnerability management engine equips cybersecurity teams with much needed detail about the state of their security landscape with continuous updates.

The recent critical Apache Log4J / Log4Shell vulnerability is prime example of where Nanitor quickly discovers and provides clear visibility to cybersecurity teams for quick remediation.

New vulnerabilities are raised every day

New vulnerabilities are raised every day and exploits are passed between attackers. With a state-of-the-art vulnerability engine and vulnerability feeds Nanitor continuously checks your IT infrastructure for known vulnerabilities and highlights the most critical ones.

Equip yourself with real-time information about the status of your IT infrastructure with a proactive vulnerability management program and stay ahead of malicious attackers.